Awnings are a beautiful piece of kit for creating a shade from those sunny summer days to raining winter days, this product is used in all types of areas from commercial business shop front to garden area for those customers like to have a smoking area or even to have that extra seating area to serve more customers to allow the customers to enjoy the outside life while enjoying your services.

We manufacture standard Mono System and also Fully Cassette awning for those prestige restaurants, cafes and bar.

We can manufacture up to 7 meter one piece or joining pieces can extended to 14 meters with one piece of fabric with two system put together, the projections are from 1.5 meter to 4 meter depends on your requirements.

Victorian Awnings

Victorian Awnings are one of the oldest systems, this product is more then 120 years old invention and is still been used now days, its one of the strongest system in the market this is because of the materials used to manufacture the awning.

The wood we use is Softwood – Pine SSR Accredited Timber & Treated, this will then be varnished or painted to your requirement.

The system is still operated via a pulling system, which is having a wooden pole with a hook to pull the system out or to close.

Dutch Canopies

Traditional Dutch Canopy is simple and beautiful, for those windows to be protected by the rain or to give a little shade in those beautiful sunny days.

Dutch Canopy are used main for the commercial businesses as to advertise and also to have a little shade and protect the items if any outside.

The Dutch Canopy can be manufactured to 6 meter via 1.2 meter projection, any colour and also to have it as a fixed canopy or with a manual cord to operate.

We also can manufacture Wedge, Bull Nose (sometimes known as entrance canopy) and Spherical Canopy.

Pergola Systems

Pergola Awning system is to provide fully adjustable shade and shelter over a wide area, pergola awnings make the perfect choice for larger terrace, cafe, bar or restaurant seating area.

Constructed from durable materials and with minimal maintenance required, they are effectively an alternative to a building an extension.

Our system comes as standard INTEGRATED LED LIGHTING, INTEGRATED GUTTERS, HEATERS so this will be perfect for those cold winter nights but off course they can be switched off to have the pergola awning fully RETRACTABLE to be outdoors completely,

Café Barriers

The possibilities are almost endless with LND’s range of cafe barriers.
From portable stainless steel post with flexible screens to fixed metal barriers with rigid panels, there’s a combination that’s for any situation.

We manufacture canvas, mesh, pvc banner, glass or even wood to suit your businesses requirements.

From simple promotional logos to large, complex designs we can complete your look.


• New  Manual Gear or Motor

• New Fabric Change

• Damaged Part Changed

• Awning Servicing

• Removal of Unwanted Awning or Canopy

External Signs

we manufacture large range of signs to suit indiviual clients needs from bars, clubs, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets or what ever business you are involved in,

We will guide you from the first initial site survey giving our clients with the right knowledge to maxius the potential a external sign will have for our clients business.

Designing in house for indiviual clients needs from colours to logo creating and branding, with once the design is confirmed we will start manufacturing in house giving the latest and quality products we use to insure our clients have the best products on site to see them threw summer to winter for years to come there way,

Projection Signs

Projection signs are essential to a business, projection sign is made for the side view for foot fall customers or travailing vehicles to see your business from distance to allow your clients / customers to notice your business.

We manufacture all types of projection signs from traditional wooden hand carved or painted to standard aluminium light boxes.

Internal Menu Systems

Food industry has to keep up with the demand of customer choose of food, drinks, desserts to make it easy for there customer to choose mouth watering chooses they offer to there customers so thats where we come in.

We will design, manufacture and install internal light boxes, Digital Monitors to traditional Black Boards to suit the premises But to make sure it serves the purpose Lovely cook meals, desserts and drinks to your customer, we will design and manufacture your custom menu what ever size, style and colour it maybe.

Flat / Built Up Letters

Flat cut and Built Up Letters as that extra for your sign, entrance or even a customer waiting area customised that little extra to show you mean business to your customers,

We manufacture any type of flat cut logo, shape or company branding with or without lighting.

Internally for the waiting area to external usage for your main signage, we can manufacture with the latest technology machines and years of knowledge to suit your requirements.

We manufacture with acrylic, aluminium, brass, copper, wood and stainless steel with or without LED lighting, the chose is yours.

Stainless Steel Letters

Stainless, Brass, Copper and aluminium letters are normally made to stand out with the elegance and that beautiful touch on a premises sign or office wall, we will light the letters or logo with LED lighting from Halo, Face or even both combined.

Vehicle Graphics / Wrapping

Vehicles are the best way of advertising on the move with thousands of potential customers to see your company and to get your business across to potential customers and clients form simple vinyl graphics to full digital vehicle wrapping with images or colours to shout out and to be seen.

This is the best advertising space that your company can not afford to not use.

Pavement Signs

Pavement Signs also known as A-Board which is the best advertisement for foot fall customers easy to see and understand the nature of your business.

These products are different sizes, shapes and colours but of course we also like to manufacture a customised for our clients that little extra for our clients to stand even more.

Wall Graphics

Wall Graphics have revolved extremely over the years not just vinyl letters on the simple painted wall NO its more intense as we at LND can wrap walls from brick to plain plaster board to wood so just think what you can have, as what we like to say a notice wall that will stand out when your customer comes to see you. From restaurants to cafes with food or coffee beans images but now we can print cartoon characters, maps, food images or even a loved one.

Don’t let that wall in your office, restaurant, cafe, bar and unit or be simple and boring let us brighten up that empty space.

Internal Signs

Internal Signs can be from anything you can think of a display to a graphic or a company logo.

We can manufacture flat cut  / built up logos, Letters, Graphics, Custom Stand for your brochures or even a simple Clear acrylic with company details with a nice finishing touch with chrome stand off screws.

LED Monitors are now the thing of the future displaying what you may sell or promote to potential customers while waiting in your waiting or serving area, these LED monitors are custom designed from standard screen sizes to custom size to meet your requirements


As we like to invest in new toys our full automatic 8 tool changer CNC router can router and cut almost anything you would like us to manufacture.

This beautiful piece of toy doesn’t just cut or carve acrylic it also cuts and carves aluminium, wood, foamex, boards and many more but we also carve doors, counters, cut shapes and make custom stands.

Send us your file to see when you get your projection finished…


• Servicing Sign Lighting

• Sign Cleaning

• Removal of Unwanted Sign

• Flat Letter locators Changed

• Repairing broken letters and panel