Awnings are a beautiful piece of kit for creating a shade from those sunny summer days to raining winter days, this product is used in all types of areas from commercial business shop front to garden area for those customers like to have a smoking area or even to have that extra seating area to serve more customers to allow the customers to enjoy the outside life while enjoying your services.

We manufacture standard Mono System and also Fully Cassette awning for those prestige restaurants, cafes and bar.

We can manufacture up to 7 meter one piece or joining pieces can extended to 14 meters with one piece of fabric with two system put together, the projections are from 1.5 meter to 4 meter depends on your requirements.

Victorian Awnings

Victorian Awnings are one of the oldest systems, this product is more then 120 years old invention and is still been used now days, its one of the strongest system in the market this is because of the materials used to manufacture the awning.

The wood we use is Softwood – Pine SSR Accredited Timber & Treated, this will then be varnished or painted to your requirement.

The system is still operated via a pulling system, which is having a wooden pole with a hook to pull the system out or to close.

Dutch Canopies

Traditional Dutch Canopy is simple and beautiful, for those windows to be protected by the rain or to give a little shade in those beautiful sunny days.

Dutch Canopy are used main for the commercial businesses as to advertise and also to have a little shade and protect the items if any outside.

The Dutch Canopy can be manufactured to 6 meter via 1.2 meter projection, any colour and also to have it as a fixed canopy or with a manual cord to operate.

We also can manufacture Wedge, Bull Nose (sometimes known as entrance canopy) and Spherical Canopy.